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Hydraulic thru feed type thread rolling machine

UM-75 (75A) hydraulic thru feed type thread rolling machines, 2-roll forming machines,thread rolling machines

Hydraulic thread rolling machine (UM-75 (75A))

Specially suitable for: Long length screws, ACME screws, Ball Screws, machine parts, tool and automobile / motorcycle parts.

Hydraulic Thread rolling machine (UM-50 / 50A)

A mass of screws can be precisely made by thread rolling machines with thread rolling dies.

Hydraulic Thread rolling machine (UM-40)

Thru feed and in-feed (plunge feed) both available:  The rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted by the sensors.

Hydraulic thread rolling machine (UM-30)

Perfect transmission: The ground-thread worms with heat treatment progress can be matched completely and smoothly with phosphoric brone worm gears.

Hydraulic Thread rolling machine (UM-16)