Hydraulic thread rolling machine

Hydraulic thread rolling machine

Thru feed and in-feed (plunge feed) both available:  The rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted by the sensors.

Product ID: UM-30

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     UM-30 thread rolling machine is the medium size for the hydraulic thru feed type.   The suitable work range of the screw diameters, you may check the specification table as below. 

     UM-30 thread rolling machine is actually a very popular model.  As well as its capacity.  The customers who are in the field electrical shafts, machine parts, bicycle parts are very suitable for choosing UM-30 thread rolling machine.  

UM-30 specifications UM-30 specifications



The features of UM-30 thread rolling machine:

  1. Thru feed and in-feed (plunge feed) both available:  The rolling time and the rolling length can be adjusted by the sensors.
  2. Powerful rolling pressure : The slide way feeding is driven by hydraulic unit, precision in positioning, owerful without any distortion.
  3. Solid structure:  heat treatment of high tension cast iron FC-25 frame is durable
  4. Steady feed motion: Ground square  slide way can avoid the jumping , vibration and wear away.
  5. Perfect transmission: The ground-thread worms with heat treatment progress can be matched completely and smoothly with phosphoric brone worm gears.
  6. Specially suitable for: Long length screws, ACME screws, Ball Screws, machine parts, tool and automobile / motorcycle parts.

Specification Table:

Capacity             \               Model


Work piece diameter(mm)

Ø5 ~ Ø30

Axial pitch for ISO threads(mm)

0.8P ~ 3.5P

Length of thread rolling(mm)

Plunge rolling(In feed):70

Thru feed rolling:no limited

Spindle speed

30 ~ 65 r.p.m variable speed

Thread rolling die(mm)






35, 70


10 X 5

Distance of the rolling spindles(mm)

142 ~ 185

Output (pieces/min)

4 ~ 20

Swivel of roll-axis

± 7°

Main power motor

5 HP (3.7 kw)

Hydraulic motor

3 HP (2.2 kw)

Max rolling pressure


Net weight (Approx.)

1,220 kgs

Gross weight (Approx.)

1,370 kgs

Overall dimension (L x W x H)

1,800mm x 1,800mm x 1,600 mm

Shipping measurement (L x W x H)

1,700mm x 1,270mm x 1,500 mm